August 25, 2017

Ok Here I am on my new  website trying to understand Elementor for I don't  know how  long thought I just got it figured out but NOOOO. I made a mistake wanted to go back and fix it and everything I touched was not right. Now I am blogging the old fashioned way BUT tomorrow I won't be because I am going to have HELP LOL. Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars (volume 1) will be at a book signing of course with me in Delray on September 14 and I will be posting about this event. Expecting a thousand people and it is going to be rocking!!

My new book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet My Friends (volume 2) which I put blood sweat and tears in was supposed to be ready for the show but sadly to say I got my proof and when I saw it I realized it's not going to happen. They say all good thing are worth waiting for and the older you get you realize An't that the truth. On another note I noticed something on the floor and it's a small Frog so I have a pool net over him hoping he waits for my husband  to let him out!! Frog meet Specky 🙂


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