What makes Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars "different"

January 4, 2017

As I was talking to myself this morning I decided to blog what makes this book different and what makes me different 🙂

Specky and His Magcal Spin-Oculars is sooooooooo different from any children's book out there and here's why:

This world of character' that I have created never existed before until now. Some are one big Spin-Ocular which by the way is a name I created for the world which now is in my book. Most of my let's call them my family because that is how I see them have headstalks that serve as their arms 🙂 Each of my family have their own story....... they all live somewhere..... eat something different each one is unique. It's a world of innocence just like a child!!!

All the villains are funny in my book. It has a  learning message and no violence when it comes to stopping Specky on his mission. Finally we all grow up with violent fairy tales.............................. and I never could understand why.

My book sends out a message to each child without telling them what to do..... it explains the message and it is seen by the drawing and each book will have a different message because it's all part of growing up.

There was not enough room to explain on the book site so I will just have to get on TV and explain and hope the world reads what I just wrote. LOL

I can't wait to introduce each character in my next book so everyone can get to know them Wooty Woo.

What make me different I asked myself this morning my answer:

No rules apply 🙂


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