The Brooklyn Cafe Woot Woo

June 13, 2017

Today was an Amazing day. I got to the I-heart studio at 11:30 with my Husband. We went on the air a drop late due to the previous guest. Speaking to Dawn and Freddy omg I spelled his name wrong when I signed his book LOL and I keep on calling him Peter LOL. I  was a little nervous at the beginning but then it was smooth I talked about my book, explaining how Spin-Oculars help you see proper and in  proper behavior and of course you wanna behave in the proper way. I talked about Specky and His mission and the character's my new book coming. All great topic's. It's so wonder full when you see how people love the character's and the book. Way to much Violence for our Children it's good to send a Kind message out 🙂

Tomorrow  I will be doing a book signing and The Brooklyn Cafe will be broadcasting live from a deli in Boca. I am really looking forward to being there. It was so nice that Dawn & Peter asked me to  please come and sign books. I have to say I don't like the way I look on TV yikesssssss. I don't understand why I look much better in pictures I look like me. It must be the lighting. When I saw myself today I said who is she LOL Oh I came home  with a rubber unicorn love unicorn's he' on my bath tub with his friend a Flamingo that looks like a red duck because he has know  feathers!!!! I will call them Dawn and Freddy WOOT WOO

If you have a dream never give up you gotta make that happen even if it takes a life time!!


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