August 30, 2017

Specky is all about Kindness matters and Kindness. I created him 35 years ago and now is his calling. His mission is to make and delivery the Magical Spin-Oculars to children that have issues in behaving. He cares and wants the unhappy child to see the difference in his or her behavior by putting on the Spin-Oculars they can see their behavior and a better way to behave and of course they choose the better way. Go Specky Woot Woot. I am in the mist of putting him on my shirt for my book signing September 14. I am doing it by hand he will be in all sequins should be amazing!

I met yesterday with a nonprofit and we are coming up with some kind of plan. It looks to me like we can do wonderful things for children so I will be posting about that as time goes on. Never a dull moment in the life of Tweedy and  Specky HA HA

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