January 23, 2017

When I was growing up as a child it was said often children should be seen but not heard.

That phrase stuck in my head forever and now it's 2017 things for sure have changed. Children now I feel are protected they are heard. They do have rights to a degree in which they are protected from being beaten which thank God they are. What still remains is the violence they watch on TV in cartoons and in books. We live now in more  violence  then I have ever seen and  that is why I feel I am on  a mission for children and their parents to read about Specky and his Magical Spin-Oculars.

There are colorful characters that the children love at the age of  2 and the messages that each book will carry out  pertains to how children deal with their problems of bullying, sharing, kindness, listening to Mommy and Daddy and it's a fun way of learning in the year of 2017. I feel now  is the time..... if I brought this book out 30 years ago it would have been hard to understand.

That is why I feel everything in life is timing.  


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