January 12, 2017

I have been wondering why most parents don't teach their children not to use the word hate???? Maybe they do and I am not aware of that. I have over 12 thousand followers and I need to ask them about that. Anyway we all teach or have thought our children not to curse that was or is a big NO NO. But why not Hate. It's powerful and not only that hate stirs you up inside. So I feel that I don't like is a much better for children and maybe I will put that in a book because I don't like the world hate and if I catch myself I lean towards I don't like. The world is so full of hate to the likes I have ever seen so it has to be so confusing for a child growing up and seeing the hate and hearing about hate. Just my thoughts. If anyone out there wants to give me feed back on the word hate for children I really wanna here what you have to say. I say HATE GO AWAY from our children's language.

On another note I signed books today and I made a 2 year old so happy which blow my mind because I didn't think a 2 year old would have the patience but he loved the character's. I can't wait for all the children to have this book they love it and it brings me great joy to see their reaction to my first book. My book will be in some of the selected stores in Boca yea. I think that's amazing it just came out 🙂 SPECKY AND HIS MAGICAL SPIN-OCULARS ARE GOING TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY MORNING TO PLAN OUT THEIR VISIT TO THE CHILDREN #AWESOME

Oh very important message for parents....... YOUR CHILD IS THE BOSS OF NOTHING............Let's talk  about that one


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