Happy New Year Happy Time Woot Woo

January 2, 2017

Wow what a morning LOL I couldn't find my way back here and I wrote to Kathy Lee did not go through I had to do it again. I wrote to Oprah but I think I sent that to the wrong place and she is not reading it YIKESSSSSSS

Happy and Healthy New Year to anyone reading my blog. My book is out on Amazon and when I saw it I had to go back 50 times and look again. LOL My grandson Alec came over yesterday he is the cutest well they are all the best love them all so much. Alec will be turning 3 this month and he saw my book and loved the character's. Mommy ordered one and Lauren will be reading it to him this week so I can't wait for that.

Alec and Grandpa Marty threw rocks in the lake and they both had a blast:)

I am happy I figured out how to get on here now so I will see you later


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