Grandchildren :)

June 1, 2017

Nothing like Grandchildren. I have so much fun spoiling them especially with candy and giving them whatever they want and then their parents have to deal with them!! Mema can I have another cookie, can I have this that..... guess what you can have my house!! What ever you want because  I love all of you.

We slept at my daughter's last night and we  played the tushy game that I made up and everyone had fun. I asked Dylan what kind of toy would he like to see Blur be and his response was a robot. Interesting that will probably happen. I know the children like these little blind bag toys. They are very tiny and I can see my character's looking really cute. We played a game with 4 and hid them in different places hide & seek toy!!

I hope to be working on a few more things and I will be blogging about each venture here so stay tuned to hear what is coming from Tweedy and Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars as I branch out Woot Woo  🙂


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