Elementor and Twitter and one of those days Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars

August 17, 2017

OK I am blogging on my new website and I am afraid of Elementor and Brad if you should be reading this you might be laughing LOL. I hope Wayne gets over here Sunday to help me learn how to use wordpress and elementor...... 2 scarey things LOL. I want to Blog in Color yes the color of Specky, Specklette ,Sparkles and Speckles all  those colors. It has been a crazy day spent 2 hours on the phone with Amazon creating a page that I forgot what is it called and the page won't be ready till tonight or tomorrow!!!

TWITTER yes I am addicted to Twitter for many years....it all started when a salesman in Saks said Tweedy I have to ask you if you are tweeting on twitter. My response was no what is it that and I am going home to do it. So Tweedy tweets on Twitter and I have to say I love my Twitter Friends. People that I never met that I speak to brought my book 🙂 Friends SAY oh I have to buy your book yea OK..... well  I know who brought me book LOL

I am waiting for my Proof of Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet  My Friends and  I can't wait. I ordered 2 proofs maybe they will come tomorrow. I am gearing up for a book signing next month very excited about that. How great is this you bring your idea to life and you have the opportunity to make children happy. You get to talk about it on Social Media and to top it off it's Loved. See you tomorrow KISS


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