May 30, 2017

It's such a great feeling coming out with a Children's book for me. I created a world and a story from zero and took it to the next level a book 🙂 Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars is a book that Children Love. They are drawn to the colors of the character's plus the story and the adults love the book. I still get sooooooooo very excited when I get a picture of a child that loves my book or their book  LOL. A picture is worth a thousand words for sure. I really treasure the letters I get from parents. I have big plans for Specky he will be contacting the children within the next month SHHHHHH........TOYS............. OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT .........MANY MORE BOOKS TO COME YAYYYYYYY

I am very busy on Twitter talking about my book so addicted to Twitter I feel so connected to the people I tweet even though we have not met. I did meet a few it was great. Talking about social media I was on the Becky in Boca. I was so nervous maybe because I really did not speak to Becky in detail until we went on the was a learning experience for me and I love those when they come up. On that show I met Dawn and Peter. I had a great connection with Dawn I didn't have time so speak to Peter because he was very busy on a phone  call.

Dawn asked  me  to come on the show June 12 airs in the morning I will  post more info on that. I will be on for an hour and  I can't wait really excited to share my book and new  book that is  in the works  now. Well, we both love GLITTER and magic wands!! I had one for yours it was my daughter's when they were little and I kept it for all of  these years and now I can't seem to find my Magic GLITTER WAND I am going to put everything on hold  and go look now while  it's on my mind. Wish me luck and maybe Specky can help me  find  it 🙂


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