Busy Busy Busy

September 30, 2017

The time just zipped by so fast it has been almost a month since I blogged and so much has happened! My book signing was canceled do to hurricane Irma. My family was very lucky we had no damage and no power loss. Now my book signing is on October 26 and I have been getting ready for the show again!

Specky became a Frisbee and he loves it. He looks great and I have fun tossing him around and can't wait for the children to have fun with him. He will be going up on my website soon yay! I also finished my second book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet My Friends. It had to be all revised the background and the characters are now perfect and the book cover page. So I am very excited about getting my proof.

I am coming across so many people that are on a mission like mine to help children and it's amazing how things seem to fall into place. My words for today "Take your dream and run with it" "Kindness Matters it always will and Specky will spread the word"


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