May 29, 2017

Best I spent most of the day with 5 boys ( one my Grandson) from 3 years old up to 8 and an infant baby girl 8 weeks!!

Sorry about the spaces in between in a few weeks I will know exactly what I am doing on here and how to get around LOL.

All the boys were in the pool having so much fun. This Mom is unreal  4 boys and she finally got her baby girl and she has them all under control. She is Amazing. We all read the second script for my new book coming soon and she and my daughter and son in law helped make my last change so now  I am good to go. I am very excited about my 2nd  book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet My Friends. All the character's that I have created will be in the new book. I am looking forward to that and so are the children because they want to know a little bit about everyone.

I received a picture today on Facebook of a little boy Evan holding my book. His Mom got it for him for his Birthday. When I get a picture of a child holding my book I feel just like a child!! I will be putting up a lot of pictures and video's on my blog soon.

Glitter on your night and I will be back tomorrow xoxo


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