Dec I don't know what day lol

December 31, 2016

Trying to figure out how to lay this out right and this is not it. I wrote something the  other day but it was gone so let me say my Proof of my book came and the shading is wrong and the first page is not right so I am going  to be held up a few weeks because my illustrator is away. I am sure she will be disappointed also. In the meantime I am focusing on the different ways I want to market my book and where I want to start which is great. If anyone is reading this please give me a shout out would love to here from you. Once my book is out I well be blogging daily. Woot Woo

Tweedy, I'm sure you went to all the major bookstores to market your book. Also, there is a shop in The Regency Plaza on Yamato called Learning Express that you may want to go to. I'm sure that any toy store would love to carry the book once they see how fantastic it is for children. I even like the story so I guess I'm a child! (lol)!!!

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