January 23, 2017

When I was growing up as a child it was said often children should be seen but not heard.

That phrase stuck in my head forever and now it's 2017 things for sure have changed. Children now I feel are protected they are heard. They do have rights to a degree in which they are protected from being beaten which thank God they are. What still remains is the violence they watch on TV in cartoons and in books. We live now in more  violence  then I have ever seen and  that is why I feel I am on  a mission for children and their parents to read about Specky and his Magical Spin-Oculars.

There are colorful characters that the children love at the age of  2 and the messages that each book will carry out  pertains to how children deal with their problems of bullying, sharing, kindness, listening to Mommy and Daddy and it's a fun way of learning in the year of 2017. I feel now  is the time..... if I brought this book out 30 years ago it would have been hard to understand.

That is why I feel everything in life is timing.  


January 12, 2017

I have been wondering why most parents don't teach their children not to use the word hate???? Maybe they do and I am not aware of that. I have over 12 thousand followers and I need to ask them about that. Anyway we all teach or have thought our children not to curse that was or is a big NO NO. But why not Hate. It's powerful and not only that hate stirs you up inside. So I feel that I don't like is a much better for children and maybe I will put that in a book because I don't like the world hate and if I catch myself I lean towards I don't like. The world is so full of hate to the likes I have ever seen so it has to be so confusing for a child growing up and seeing the hate and hearing about hate. Just my thoughts. If anyone out there wants to give me feed back on the word hate for children I really wanna here what you have to say. I say HATE GO AWAY from our children's language.

On another note I signed books today and I made a 2 year old so happy which blow my mind because I didn't think a 2 year old would have the patience but he loved the character's. I can't wait for all the children to have this book they love it and it brings me great joy to see their reaction to my first book. My book will be in some of the selected stores in Boca yea. I think that's amazing it just came out πŸ™‚ SPECKY AND HIS MAGICAL SPIN-OCULARS ARE GOING TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY MORNING TO PLAN OUT THEIR VISIT TO THE CHILDREN #AWESOME

Oh very important message for parents....... YOUR CHILD IS THE BOSS OF NOTHING............Let's talk  about that one

This Ain't I know what John Lennon meant.

January 10, 2017

So much to say so I guess I will start off saying sometimes I just don't get it LOL.

I called up Boca Raton magazine they have been around a very long time and my daughter's as young adults were in there. So I figured here I am a new Author of a book with a learning concept plus character's to likes no one as ever seen and children really love my book they carry it around. I speak to the editorial department and I tell her what I just basically wrote just now and the first question did I self publish? YES YES and I am fresh out of the gate and did not even send this out to a publishing company because I don't want to right now.

We are not interested or we can't do a story on you because you are self published What What. Ok I said to herΒ  I figured I would call the magazine being I am launching here in Boca Raton.

Maybe I just don't get it yet why their seems to be a stigma. Self publishing is so big now and so many great avenues are open.


What makes Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars "different"

January 4, 2017

As I was talking to myself this morning I decided to blog what makes this book different and what makes me different πŸ™‚

Specky and His Magcal Spin-Oculars is sooooooooo different from any children's book out there and here's why:

This world of character' that I have created never existed before until now. Some are one big Spin-Ocular which by the way is a name I created for the world which now is in my book. Most of my let's call them my family because that is how I see them have headstalks that serve as their arms πŸ™‚ Each of my family have their own story....... they all live somewhere..... eat something different each one is unique. It's a world of innocence just like a child!!!

All the villains are funny in my book. It has a  learning message and no violence when it comes to stopping Specky on his mission. Finally we all grow up with violent fairy tales.............................. and I never could understand why.

My book sends out a message to each child without telling them what to do..... it explains the message and it is seen by the drawing and each book will have a different message because it's all part of growing up.

There was not enough room to explain on the book site so I will just have to get on TV and explain and hope the world reads what I just wrote. LOL

I can't wait to introduce each character in my next book so everyone can get to know them Wooty Woo.

What make me different I asked myself this morning my answer:

No rules apply πŸ™‚

husband just came home from golf and I am back on my bloig cause I love it :)

January 2, 2017

Working since this morning. I just finished writing to the Ellen Show and I hope it went to the right place because I am really not good at this stuff. I am great on writing a story creating characters shopping LOL.

If any of you are reading about anything I am posting please write to me. I love to write about children, everyday life. I am addicted to Twitter from the get go.... @crabbywabby so hit me up there to and  I will talk to you.

Leslie if your reading this I hope you feel better. You have to because you are leaving on a great trip tomorrow and  I will miss you. I guess I should set the table I don't cook so over that.

Happy New Year Happy Time Woot Woo

January 2, 2017

Wow what a morning LOL I couldn't find my way back here and I wrote to Kathy Lee did not go through I had to do it again. I wrote to Oprah but I think I sent that to the wrong place and she is not reading it YIKESSSSSSS

Happy and Healthy New Year to anyone reading my blog. My book is out on Amazon and when I saw it I had to go back 50 times and look again. LOL My grandson Alec came over yesterday he is the cutest well they are all the best love them all so much. Alec will be turning 3 this month and he saw my book and loved the character's. Mommy ordered one and Lauren will be reading it to him this week so I can't wait for that.

Alec and Grandpa Marty threw rocks in the lake and they both had a blast:)

I am happy I figured out how to get on here now so I will see you later

Count down for 2017

December 31, 2016

WOW My proof came yesterday and I have been so excited. I really can't believe that after all these years I am holding in my hand something that I created from nothing. I am looking forward to reading my story to children, my grandchildren, going to their school and so many other schools and seeing their expression πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to my book signing and book launch, really looking forward to it all. This is going to be a wonderful New Year. I am bringing it in with my new husband it's our first New Year being married and now my new book......WOOTY WOO

Dec I don't know what day lol

December 31, 2016

Trying to figure out how to lay this out right and this is not it. I wrote something the  other day but it was gone so let me say my Proof of my book came and the shading is wrong and the first page is not right so I am going  to be held up a few weeks because my illustrator is away. I am sure she will be disappointed also. In the meantime I am focusing on the different ways I want to market my book and where I want to start which is great. If anyone is reading this please give me a shout out would love to here from you. Once my book is out I well be blogging daily. Woot Woo

Dec 13 2016

December 31, 2016

I am soooo tired today I guess all the excitement got to me plus the work. I had to write about my book and me for Amazon and rush out of here so I would not be late

Still not sure what I am doing here I don't think the blog works like this but I probably now am addicted to this thing LOL

My book proof will be here Thursday WOOT WOO YAYYYY party time πŸ™‚

I just walked in from dinner with my husband and of course I am hungry again so I am going to take my makeup off relax and eat and watch some TV and work on my

new book just on the characters tomorrow Nite Nite....Oh Jen you made me so happy when I read my blog I love you so very much xoxoxoxoxox

Today is Dec 12 2016

December 31, 2016

I am trying to blog but don't Know where to go here help help  I wonder where I will end up LOL

Thank You for your comments it was so great reading them.

My book will be here on Thursday & Omg so excited to see the proof I wish Leslie was here to share my joy that day πŸ™

I learned how to use my Facebook page today Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculuars it was great to see the feed back.

My husband just got home with his ice cream he makes trips to the store and stacks up and has a party everynite at 3 glad I am sleeping LOL

He calls me the Bubble girl now why is that because I was born and raised in New Jersey hmmmm

Starting on my picture book later tonight I got my groove on Woot Woo.........Now I gotta see if I can save this

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