Brotherly Love

October 18, 2018

Specky helps children see what Kindness is when reading about Specky and  His Magical Spin-Oculars: Helping Chunkee!!

Reading at We Rock The Spectrum Boca Raton

April 7, 2018

On April 6th  at 10 am I read to the most adorable children at We Rock The Spectrum. I read my second book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars: Meet My Friends and they loved hearing about Specky's friends and what they do! It was a really fun morning I wore my Specky sequin shirt that I made and the kids and Moms loved it they all wanted one maybe that will be my next project except I can't  make it by hand 🙂 Enjoy the pictures!

We Rock the Spectrum

February 13, 2018

I was in New York for our granddaughters first Birthday!! It was at the end of January and it was so great seeing little Lucy. She is doing so many things now  and she knows who we are. Her personality is funny she is a comedian and rarely does she cry. We miss her and can't wait till we see her again. She lights up when she sees Specky he just has that look about him.

While I was away I received a message from the owner of We Rock The Spectrum. It is a gym in Boca Raton and they invited me to do a story time. When I returned home I went over to see it and it is a wonderful place  for children of all ages. I liked all the fun equipment in the gym and in a separate room the hold other  events. One that is coming up is teaching children not to get upset when they get dirty I thought that was a good  one because my twins as babies hated the dirt LOL.

I will be doing a reading on March 6th at 10 am and I am looking forward to that. I will be reading my first book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars:Helping Chunkee so come see me 🙂 10% of the proceeds go to benefit the Unicorn Children's Foundation if you are not familiar with this nonprofit foundation please check it out.

Guest Speaker-Palm Beach Special Needs Advisory Coalition

December 31, 2017

I was invited to speak at the Special Needs Advisory Coalition of Palm Beach County and it was an honor to be there. I spoke about my first book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars:Helping Chunkee. There were many people there that loved hearing about the story about Chunkee. Chunkee sits  at his computer all day and he is not happy. He doesn't have his meals with mommy and daddy snacks all  day at his computer. He doesn't even  exercise!

Specky delivers the Magical Spin-Oculars to Chunkee and when Chunkee put them on he was able to see himself at his computer all day and then BOOM FLASH he can see himself eating 3 meals a day with mommy and daddy at the dinner table and playing basketball! Well of course Chunkee chooses to behave in the new way and he makes the team and he is so very happy 🙂

I was also able to present my brand new  book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars:Meet My Friends which is an introduction of all of Specky's 14 friends that all embrace KINDNESS, PEACE AND JOY!


Ready set go for my book signing

October 31, 2017

I set up for my book signing on October 26th and it was an amazing time. So many people were there and so many people loved my books.

Oh I don't know why I am getting spaces but I will just keep on blogging!! I sold out of all my books and I have a shipment coming tomorrow so I am very excited. The new book is so well received.  The small children love Meet My Friends and I am getting feedback on who the favorite characters are! I am also getting pictures of children reading my book so it's fun on social media.

I am going back to the first book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars and making changes to the book I always say it is never to late! My first book is all about kindness Specky sends a positive message to Chunkee and when he puts his Magical Spin-Oculars on well.....

Children should be kissed loved heard and cherished. Tweedy Katz

My New Book WOOT WOO

October 23, 2017

Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars-Meet My Friends (volume 2)

It has been a very busy time for me! My second book Meet My Friends was released on Oct 14th while I was in Rome and it was an amazing day. The book did not come out the way I had visioned it to be so I had to hire and find someone to make  all the changes for me. I have a book signing coming up this week so it was a mad dash to have it all  finished for the show and it is!

This book is so special to me because I am introducing all of the characters I have created which all enhance peace love and kindness. I am very excited to get the feed back on this book. My husband just came home and he is hungry so I have to continue tomorrow LOL

Busy Busy Busy

September 30, 2017

The time just zipped by so fast it has been almost a month since I blogged and so much has happened! My book signing was canceled do to hurricane Irma. My family was very lucky we had no damage and no power loss. Now my book signing is on October 26 and I have been getting ready for the show again!

Specky became a Frisbee and he loves it. He looks great and I have fun tossing him around and can't wait for the children to have fun with him. He will be going up on my website soon yay! I also finished my second book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet My Friends. It had to be all revised the background and the characters are now perfect and the book cover page. So I am very excited about getting my proof.

I am coming across so many people that are on a mission like mine to help children and it's amazing how things seem to fall into place. My words for today "Take your dream and run with it" "Kindness Matters it always will and Specky will spread the word"


August 30, 2017

Specky is all about Kindness matters and Kindness. I created him 35 years ago and now is his calling. His mission is to make and delivery the Magical Spin-Oculars to children that have issues in behaving. He cares and wants the unhappy child to see the difference in his or her behavior by putting on the Spin-Oculars they can see their behavior and a better way to behave and of course they choose the better way. Go Specky Woot Woot. I am in the mist of putting him on my shirt for my book signing September 14. I am doing it by hand he will be in all sequins should be amazing!

I met yesterday with a nonprofit and we are coming up with some kind of plan. It looks to me like we can do wonderful things for children so I will be posting about that as time goes on. Never a dull moment in the life of Tweedy and  Specky HA HA


August 26, 2017

Getting ready for my book signing September 14 at the the Heart of Delray Gallery. I am getting excited about this and so much to do. I am going to starting posting this week. They are expecting a thousand people and the gallery is amazing. I have been wanting to stop by some many times last week but my work  took me elsewhere.

I am missing all of my grandchildren. My latest one is Lucy and  I got pictures of her today! She lives in New York and the rest are by me and all boys so I don't have to say anything else 🙂 Children are so amazing when they are so little it's goh goh goh not sure if  I spelled that right but whatever they do is behind cuteness. I always get pleasure when they get excited about Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars. I have pictures that Moms have sent me that I need to post here. Children I have never met so I have to say that it' awesome and so rewarding!


August 25, 2017

Ok Here I am on my new  website trying to understand Elementor for I don't  know how  long thought I just got it figured out but NOOOO. I made a mistake wanted to go back and fix it and everything I touched was not right. Now I am blogging the old fashioned way BUT tomorrow I won't be because I am going to have HELP LOL. Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars (volume 1) will be at a book signing of course with me in Delray on September 14 and I will be posting about this event. Expecting a thousand people and it is going to be rocking!!

My new book Specky and His Magical Spin-Oculars Meet My Friends (volume 2) which I put blood sweat and tears in was supposed to be ready for the show but sadly to say I got my proof and when I saw it I realized it's not going to happen. They say all good thing are worth waiting for and the older you get you realize An't that the truth. On another note I noticed something on the floor and it's a small Frog so I have a pool net over him hoping he waits for my husband  to let him out!! Frog meet Specky 🙂

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